No WoT video this week

I don’t have time to do a WoT video, unless I do a live recording, which I don’t want to do. I will be able to put something else up. I might start a subnuatic series, to get me back into it.

I will try to make this up by doing a tomato tonks episode on the Mark IV tank, and the possibly the wheeled AFV we will be playing in the speical event mode.

Expect a decline in video number

I will be going back to uni soon. This means I will have less time to play games (better for WoT team mates) and less time to make videos. I might be able to do thing regarding my course work, but I am smart enougth to start a second channel for non-gaming content. I should be able to do once a week, and I might even start live streaming myself during the week.


If you a desprate to see less known youtubers check out TcFreer (Who started in the rudy game play)

Or SirpeteUK


UberpanderYT is getting back into vidoes, his Battlefield one is worth checking out



Tomato Tonks, and why they’re not going to be tank reviews

Hello fellow Tomatos, I am currently working my… ramblings on the 3/4 Berling tanks I have. (The BIaS-2, Bromwell, and Rudy). And the mean reason why I am not going to call me talking about tanks a review, is because I suck at this game. Just look at my prevouis post and how I scout. I play tanks wrog a lot, and that’s fine why talking about replays. Or showing off funny moments for clips shows, enfact better. But since I don’t know enought about the game to say this is the best tank and no better one can exist. I can however talk about things, such as MM just screwing me over. My enjoyment of the tank and stats I’ve notice. Such as the T-10 is a fast tank, and I quite like using its speed to use it as a medium tank. And now I don’t have to add its fast for a heavy tank, I like mediums that can pretend to be heavy tanks or pretend to be light tanks. This well however tell you how noob friendly a tank is, I if I like it as the Tomato I am then it is noob friendly.

Plans for the channel.

This blog is for things that don’t fit on twitter, and not worth making a video over. Or I just want to type, typing is fun when you don’t have to do it.

I was going to do a Civ IV game, where I won a space race victory and played civ beyond earth afterwards. It did not go as planned, will be out Monday. Made a few… Interesting mistakes.

I am struggling to get good WoT content. I have a few good replays, but I am not enjoying talking about them. I just don’t feel it like I do with my funny clip shows.

Adventure in Stupidity is hard to do just do to how hard it is to get a funny thing happen. I hope to get more platoon replays with XXLKiller, as he has told me not XXX killer, but we never seem to meet up. We get along well and it is fun when we play together. I keep meaning to ask Tcfreer, SirPete1UK and SirOinked to platoon with, and they have offered so that is my fault entirely.

I will keep trying to do World of Tanks videos, but something else might sneak in. I will try to keep it interesting as always. Verdun is a WWI sim, I would love friends to play with, but unlike Guns of Icarus it is still as fun without them. Battlefield 1942 or is it 1941. Might make an appearance, as it is on my PC and I have a lot of nostalgia about it. It is free on origin so if you, like me, are unfortunate to have it on your PC.  I seem to be doing a lot of giveaways, That is purely becuase I stumble upon things I know people will like.

I am thinking of installing Battlestations Midway on my PC, I played while consoles were still good on my 360. I think I own it, hang on… No it’s the squeal I picked up. I guess that’s an excuse to try it out, or see if Paladin Hames could save me  a few quid on it. Midway was a very arcadey flight game, like if someone mixed World of Warplanes (Another game I have never played) and World of Warships (A game that constantly updates, I think I have 3 gigabytes left). What I plan to do is compare WoWP and Battlestations as that is  a better comparison to WoWP and War Thunder (Of which I am honestly scared to put on my channel due to them just taking down channels they dislike).

I was going to do a modded FTL TOG mod but it won’t work for some reason, and seeing as I just stole the picture from google images, an age before I planned to share it with anyone, so it is for the best in the long run. It was an ship maker program I have also forgotten and lost.


There is a few non-WoT games I really want to play. Space Engineers (On the Humble bundle by the way) I have muced about with, and a few videos have snuck on unlisted on my channel, So if someone wants to play survival on that for a bit. There is a Civ IV WWII to mod that brings the ranged combat in from Civ V that would be fun to try out with people. It can be done as stupidly accurate or just a re-skin. What makes it interesting instead of everyone having a sherman, or a panther for the Germans, you get tanks. Crusaders, T34, Stuarts.